CBD vaping

The Best Way to Take CBD

CBD edibles

CBD has indeed helped people with different medical conditions like pain and anxiety. The usage of CBD oil also showed improvement in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer. Many researchers have also published potential health benefits of it.

However, identification of the best way to take CBD oils is challenging, because you have to consider different elements. For example, how quickly you want it to affect your body, what are your tastes preferences if you use CBD edibles, are people around you comfortable with CBD vaping or not and at what time of day you want to take it. However, you can relax because this article will help you choose the best way according to your needs and lifestyle.

Below, the most common ways to take CBD are explained.

CBD vaping

Vape CBD Oil

With a vaporizer pen, you can vape CBD oil. It is very easy to learn to vape. CBD vaping is the quickest way to feel its effects on your health as it directly goes into your lungs and bloodstream. Its smoke has no side effects on your lungs and throats compared to cigarette smoke. CBD vaping means it is easy to control the dosage amounts; however, it requires additional purchases like vape pen and its accessories. 

Topical Application

You can use CBD oil by simply applying it on your skin like a balm, cream or any ointment. It is the easiest method as we all are familiar with applying creams on our bodies, thus we do not require any extra knowledge and tools. From the feedback of its users, we learned that it is effective for sore muscles and chronic pain. However, it is difficult to figure out the right quantity to apply on your skin and it has the least effect compared to other consumption methods.


Sublingual Consumption

CBD oil tinctures are also available on the market. They look similar to small bottles used for eye drops. You can drip some drops under your tongue, hold it there for half a minute and then swallow. The application of this method is very easy and you can use it in public, as it will not draw any attention. It is easy to manage the quantity consumed and it has long-lasting effects. However, it takes longer than other methods to affect. 

CBD edibles

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are available in many different forms including capsules, gummies, truffles or even mints, making it very discreet. They are often flavored and make consumption easy by eliminating the weedy taste. All our life we consume products in similar form, thus it is the very familiar and simplest way of consumption. Moreover, you can make CBD edibles at your home; yes, it is just that convenient. If you can measure the quantity, drip CBD oil in your food for example pasta. CBD edibles have long-lasting results compared to other methods. However, it takes a longer time to show effects.  

The best way to consume CBD oil varies from person to person. There is no one perfect way, you should try yourself and see what works for you the best.