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Is There a Link Between CBD Vaping and Coronavirus?

The novel Coronavirus is without a doubt, one of the most complex health issues that the world has ever had to tackle. As researchers continue to work on vaccines and possible cures, there are some preventative measures that have been recommended such as abstinence from smoking. This is because COVID-19 is a viral infection that primarily attacks the lungs. When you smoke, you are weakening your lungs which makes you more susceptible to being severely impacted by the coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. In all of this, researchers, CBD vape pen users and other vapers have been considering if there is a possible link between the Coronavirus and vaping. TIME has reported that a large amount of thought and discussion is looming around about this subject over the last few months. There have been reports of young vapers being hospitalized with COVID-19. Individuals in New York are also questioning their leaders about a possible link between the virus and vaping.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse in the United States of America has announced that individuals who abuse substances are particularly vulnerable to the ravishes of COVID-19. This includes vapers of all types. Many are wondering if the risk is still great among those who use vape pens to consume CBD. Under all the speculation and forum theories without a solid foundation, is there really a connection between vaping and the Coronavirus? TIME shares that experts believe that it is not possible to say that there is a link between the two.

There is some data being analyzed that can lead one to believe that vaping is somewhat connected to the dread and terrible COVID-19. It has been found that a large number of hospitalizations in the United States of America that are related to Coronavirus have been among young people. Interestingly, this is the same portion of the population that is known for partaking in vaping. They use such things as CBD vape pens and vaping instruments to consume THC and other compounds. While this observation could be given some thought, it still does not provide any evidence that vaping is connected to the Coronavirus. The modern practice of vaping has not been on the scene for very long. This makes it hard to truly determine the full extent of damage that it is having on its users. The research and understanding of the practice of vaping is constantly growing and evolving. There are some recent studies that are suggesting that vaping is responsible for lung damage and other diseases in users. What further makes the work of determining a link between the coronavirus and vaping, is the fact that COVID-19 is a new virus, for which scientific research is also very young and uncertain. To declare a link between COVID-19 and vaping would be very irresponsible at this stage.

What we do know is that having any preexisting condition can result in a great tragedy for an individual who contracts the coronavirus. This is especially true for those with respiratory challenges. the added weight of the Coronavirus will inevitably lead to complications that could result in death. On this premise, vaping could very well play a part in how severely one is impacted by the Coronavirus. Given that the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have highlighted the act of vaping as potentially harmful for your lungs, it would give someone added assurance that they can survive the coronavirus if they avoid lung damage from using vape pens. In 2019, vape pens faced heavy scrutiny because of an onslaught of cases of people who vaped and then ended up with symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, belly pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss. The reason behind the illness that people who vaped was that unregulated producers of vaping products used Vitamin E acetate as a thickener in their products. This proved to be toxic to its users.

There is still no certainty behind claims that vaping is connected to the Coronavirus. However, Forbes has shared that there is some research evidence that suggests that CBD may be able to treat patients suffering from Coronavirus. According to Forbes, a study was done at Augusta University in Georgia that indicated that CBD may have a positive impact on Acute respiratory distress syndrome which is a life-threatening symptom of the Coronavirus. Another name for this condition is ‘cytokine storm’. The potential role that CBD plays in tackling acute respiratory distress syndrome is based on CBD’s ability to minimize inflammation cytokine production. The great reduction that may come from the use of CBD in tackling this issue, could possibly bring down the inflammation in the body and ultimately end the respiratory distress and the associated damage. The researchers administered CBD to mice and found that the respiratory benefits were positive and may be used to assist people with Coronavirus. The researchers believe that the way in which CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and the regulatory effects of the compound makes it plausible to use CBD as a therapeutic candidate in addressing a number of inflammatory conditions including the novel coronavirus. It is wise to note that this is an early study. There is still a need to run these tests on human beings to see if the benefits found during the animal study can truly be experienced by humans.

The link between the Coronavirus and CBD vaping or any other type of vaping is uncertain at this point. However, it would be wise to bear in mind the information that suggests that vaping can result in respiratory challenges. Having respiratory challenges will make you more susceptible to greater complications if you contract the Coronavirus. In addition to this reality, there is also research that is ongoing on the benefits of CBD to coronavirus patients. While the existing data looks positive, bear in mind that it does not give credence to CBD vaping. CBD can be consumed in a number of other ways such as via oils, edibles, topical application and more.

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CBD quality control

It’s no secret that CBD industry has been quite unregulated. When the various manufacturers first started producing variety of CBD products, no one questioned where the plant was grown or if the soil it grew in had been tested (for metals e.g. arsenic, lead, etc.).

No one questioned if the plant had been sprayed to prevent contamination. More importantly, no one questioned if there was really any consumers became more skeptical about the product quality. Today, the demand for certified CBD is high and hence, manufacturers take several quality control measures to meet that demand.

CBD Quality Control – How it Works
The only way to make sure that CBD products are of the highest quality, manufacturers need to control every step of the supply chain process; from the planting of the cannabis seeds, through the full cultivation process, to extraction methods and laboratory testing. Top CBD brands commit to the highest standards at each of these stages.

To ensure quality in this phase, manufacturers use specifically bred cannabis plants that contain relatively high potency of CBD. Strict organic farming practices are used to make sure that the end product is free from any contamination. Manufacturers control the plants from cultivation to harvesting in order to naturally develop genetic strains of cannabis.

Extracting the Oil
Every top CBD manufacturer uses its proprietary engineering process in order to remove and isolate any unwanted compounds from the CBD vape oil during the extraction process. The goal in this phase is to create the maximum potency level of rich cannabinoids. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art technology to ensure a full-spectrum oil that includes high levels of terpenes, cannabinoids, and cannabidiol. Thanks to the extensive extraction process, a premium, pure, and consistent product is produced.

Testing the Quality, Purity, and Potency
Accurate and thorough testing of the product is crucial in order to make sure that the purity, potency, and quality of the CBD product are at their highest. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment to measure CBD levels. Apart from testing the CBD levels in each batch of their product, they run various tests for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiological contamination.

Third-Party Lab Testing
To ensure a quality product, manufacturers validate their tests by hiring the services of third-party labs to test their CBD vape oil. These third-party labs are some of the most capable and qualified of doing the testing that is required to meet the standards that are expected of certified CBD. Through third-party lab testing, it is ensured that there is never a question of what the consumer is receiving when they buy the product.

As you can see, CBD quality control involves a number of key steps and each phase comes with its own set of challenges. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment, propriety procedures, technology, and advanced testing to overcome those challenges so that they can provide consistently high-quality products. After all, quality control is crucial in order to succeed in the highly competitive CBD industry.

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CBD Vaping Or CBD Edibles. Which Is Better?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is known for several medical purposes like epilepsy and depression. There are several ways in which you can consume CBD; you can consume it either through ingestion or through inhalation. The level of consumption in both the methods is quite different therefore as a user of CBD; you need to know the difference between them both. You can ingest CBD through CBD edibles whereas inhale it through CBD vaping.

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CBD Edible Versus CBD Vaping:

Well if you want to have that strong dose of CBD then CBD vaping is a better option because, with CBD vaping, the impact of its consumption will start to show the effects in less than 15 seconds. Moreover, for CBD vaping you can easily use the normal vaping device. It is more advisable to people who usually smoke because it can connect to their likings and preferences. Furthermore, unlike normal smoking, CBD vaping does not contain toxins therefore, it is safe to use for recreational and medical purposes.

On the other hand, CBD edibles are growing in popularity. Edibles over here mean that CBD is infused into foods like cakes, cookies, biscuits, and beverages. This is far different from CBD vaping because unlike the CBD vaping, this lasts for more than 6-12 hours. The effects of taking CBD edibles starts to show up mostly after an hour or so.

Which One Is A Better Option?

Even though both of the methods have the same thing, CBD, but they affect very differently. Especially when it comes to edibles that last longer than vaping. Moreover, with CBD Edibles, you have an endless number of options since there are thousands of recipes out there, also it does not makes you high. However, it also comes with the cautions, as it is not advisable to consume CBD edible on an empty stomach because it causes harm rather than providing a benefit.

CBD edibles are mostly preferred by people who cannot connect their minds to smoking because of the discomfort attached to it; also it relaxes you but does not makes you high hence the CBD edibles but if you crave for smoking more than you crave for eating, CBD Vaping might be the right option for you.

Both CBD Edibles And CBD Vaping:

If you intensely feel the impact of CBD on your mind and body, you can maximize that by practicing both the methods simultaneously. This intensifies the effects of both the methods; CBD vaping instantly provides the feeling of relaxing whereas edibles will help for a strong long-lasting effect.

If you are now aware of both the methods of rightfully including CBD into your life. Choose the one that not only connect to you with it but also makes your life easier from further depression and anxiety. Consult your doctor for which method to choose. Doctors look at your history, the rate of absorption required, age and gender. A right choice will make it possible for you to help in overcoming the stress and depression.

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The Juul Vapor Lawsuit

Juul vaporizers are promoted as regular cigarette replacements, professing to be a more secure alternative for grown-ups hoping to stop. They work by heating enhanced oils that come in replaceable, fixed, single-use Juul pods to create a fume that could be inhaled in by the user. The thin, smoothly structured vaping gadgets are about the size of a USB stick.

Juul pods contain more nicotine as compared to other e-cigarette contenders, and Juul vapes are not well known exclusively among the grown-ups. A considerable number of youngsters and teenagers utilized an e-cigarette at least once in 2018, and thinking about that non-grown-ups have a higher possibility of creating addictions because of incomplete mental health, all things considered, numerous youthful Americans are currently experiencing a nicotine addiction.

Juul not exclusively might not have gone far enough to avert this; there is motivation to accept that it intentionally advertised to teenagers and kids.

Knowing About JUUL Vaping Lawsuits

Electronic cigarettes are also known as vaping products, e-cigarettes and e-cigs are intended to look like cigarettes, USB flash drives, writing pens, and other essential items.

These gadgets utilize a liquid that contains nicotine and different sorts of flavors, just as glycerin and propylene glycol. The liquid is heated using a battery and heating loops. The liquid turns into a fume, where it very well may be breathed in, which is the reason its utilization frequently is referred to as vaping. These items are authoritatively referenced as electronic nicotine deliverance systems.

JUUL Products: Most Common Form of E-Cigarettes

JUUL items are the most widely recognized type of e-cigarettes being used. JUUL conveyance frameworks appear to be like a USB flash drive and contain hazardously high measures of nicotine. A solitary JUUL unit includes a similar ratio of nicotine as a whole pack of customary cigarettes. Furthermore, JUUL pods have a lot higher concentration of nicotine as compared to cigarettes and the body consumes the nicotine at a higher rate than cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration has gotten various reports of JUUL clients, basically, teenagers and youthful grown-ups, who have gotten addicted to the gadgets and even some who have endured seizures and spasms because of nicotine toxicity and poisoning.

JUUL and Lawsuits

JUUL has been blamed by government offices and in different lawsuits of focusing on youthful and underage individuals in its advertising to get another generation addicted to nicotine. When

JUUL initially started marketing its items in 2017 and 2018, its promotions demonstrated youngsters making the most of its elements in different settings. JUUL depended intensely via social networking media focused on a more youthful audience and touted its good tastes, for example, fruit, crème and mint. Compensation in a JUUL Addiction Lawsuit

In the event that you or a kid has gotten addicted to nicotine because of JUUL use, at that point an attorney at law will look for the accompanying problems for you:

• Past and future medical costs that outcome from the wounds, including addiction treatment.

• Past and future suffering and pain brought about by the wounds, and the treatment and recuperation process.

• Past and future loss of delight in life.

• Punitive harms, if appropriate. Other Vaping Lawsuits and Legal Issues


The vaping business is developing rapidly, and the legal and legislative frameworks are battling to catch up. Numerous states and urban communities are trying to change laws to avoid non-grown-ups from utilizing vapes, and US Food and Drug Administration still has not endorsed vaping items as a sheltered or powerful technique for stopping ordinary cigarettes.

Lawsuits by an attorney at law against these organizations have been petitioned for various issues, including cases concerning vaping items detonating or catching fire and causing harm to the

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Is Vaping with a CBD Oil Pen Safe

cbd vape oil

You might have heard people saying that CBD oil pen is the healthiest option as compared to smoking to vaping. Many others even say that vape liquid is more effective and ensures more potent therapeutic results. It is true for those patients as well that are suffering from various forms of anxiety, depression, inflammation and chronic pains.

However, it is important to understand that not all products can ensure the same results. One needs to be more careful while making selection for best cartridges and top brands. An in-depth analysis is important to make effective, quality and safe purchase online. Due to improper regulations on CBD products, many new companies in the market are producing low-quality products that can cause major health hazards to the users.

Well, here we are going to talk about potential dangers associated with vaping poor quality liquids for your vaping routines and will guide you to pick the best one for the better experience:

Presence of Cuticle Wax in CBD Vape Oil:

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Very few people are aware of the chronic respiratory hazard associated with cuticle wax. Note that, cuticle wax can be better defined as an oily, and fatty layer of lipids that provide coverage to the flowering cannabis plants such as hemp. Now, when people smoke these plants via bong, joint or bowl; the wax layer gets burned automatically and hence, it cannot pose any serious health hazard.

But when the same plants are consumed through vaping, the lower temperature ranges cannot burn the outer wax layer. Rather, it turns into an oily product and settles in the lungs of the users. It is the major cause behind increasing cases of lung health issues among vapers.

Now, in order to avoid the harmful impact of CBD vape oil, prefer to pick products that are prepared by following the winterization process. In this process, the CBD oil is made free from all the lipids, fatty acids and waxes. Experts advise asking the sellers about whether the CBD vape juice is processed with winterization or not.

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Presence of thinning agents in CBD vape oil:

Another major safety concern about CBD vape oils is the presence of many harmful chemicals that act like thinning agents. Actually, the raw form of cannabis oil is thick enough, and it cannot be used directly with the electronic heater coils of CBD oil pen. Hence, manufacturers prefer to add some thinning agents to the product to make them suitable for CBD vape pens. But it leads to be highly toxic for human body and can even cause serious health issues such as cancer.

The Bottom Line:

The best thing you can do about your vaping habits is choosing the highest quality CBD oil pen. It is important to ensure that your vaping pen works on critical temperature ranges that avoids breakdown of harmful thinning agents present in the CBD vape oil. Make sure you are making optimal decisions for your health; especially those who are already suffering from some serious conditions like insomnia, depression, anxiety and pain.

Vape Storage

Vape Storage

Vaping CBD or Cannabidiol has become immensely popular these days. CBD which is a form of cannabis extracted from cannabis plants affects our endocannabinoid system for the better. It affects our neurological system – perception of pain, dream, memory and so on. Thus, CBD products such as vape oil soothe joint and muscle pains. These products also reduce anxiety, stress and restlessness.

It helps people who are suffering from severe insomnia to sleep soundly. Unlike THC cannabis products such as marijuana or other forms of weed that affects memory, research has shown that vaping CBD actually helps people to stay focused through the day. It has very little amount of THC in it, less than 0.5%, therefore, it is absolutely legal as well. It creates a sensation of calm and happiness, but it does not stimulate the body excessively.

One can intake CBD in various ways, for instance, orally through aerosol spray which should be sprayed inside the check, or through inhalation by vaping CBD. Vape oil is becoming increasingly popular now, because some say that it is the most effective way to intake CBD. Vaping CBD works fast to reduce pain and anxiety. Through this procedure, the CBD components get into the bloodstream and work its magic quickly.

In order to vape CBD, people use various methods. Some prefer vape pens while some prefer CBD vape juice with vape oil. Vape pens look like e-cigarettes. They are portable and you can carry them discreetly. Vape pens are absolutely legal to carry with you.

Where to Find Vape Storage?
Now, coming to vape storage, you will find vape storages nearby where you can get your pens from. Now if you are wondering where you would store your vape pens, do not worry. There are vape storages of different designs and capacities available online and in stores near you. There are personalized vape storage box which you can get made the way you want it.

How to Choose the Right Vape Storage
The storage box comes in various materials, for instance plastic, wood and fiber. There are also pouches and bags available which would be easy to carry during travel. If you want a portable vape storage, you should get a light weight vape storage. There is no hard and fast rule for choosing the right vape storage. You must choose according to your use. If you have to use it frequently in a day, get a vape storage which you can access easily. There are big and small vape boxes available. If you want to store a lot of vaping instruments in it, get the bigger one that have many facilities and if you keep little amounts of vape pens a time with you, get the smaller one. However, in case you travel a lot and need to keep a large amount of vaping items with you, get a bigger but light-weight one.

If you use Vape Oil and Vape Pen regularly, getting a vape storage is essential because it helps you keep everything in order.

Vaping Expos

2019 is off to a great start with regards to vaping and CBD expos. No matter where in the world you are, it is likely that there is going to be a vaping convention near your area. A vaping/CBD expo is full of education and entertainment, tech, and brand-new products.

Imagine yourself traveling to a famous destination with your friends. You will be checking in and getting a personalized name tag along with some goodies (e.g. CBD oil vaping) to get you started. Then you will enter into a CBD paradise, with every flavor, battery, tool, and mod you could ever imagine. This could be you! Vaping expos offer you the chance to meet faces behind your favorite CBD products and vaping CBD oil brands.

Why Attend Vaping Expo?

Following are the key reasons why you should attend a vaping expo:

Entering a New Market

Vaping expos present you the opportunity to take your business to the next level. These international events allow you to exhibit your products in broad perspective and help you build popularity and brand recognition.

Meeting New Customers

Most large-scale vaping and CBD expos host thousands of vape shops, consumers, wholesale distributors, and smoke shops. This gives you the opportunity to grow your customer base globally.

Selling More Products

You will be able to sell your products to both business owners and consumers at the event.

Traveling to New Places

Most of these events are organized in prime travel destinations, such as Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, etc. So, they provide you an opportunity to enjoy your trip to vaping expos.

What to Expect When Attending a Vaping Expo?

Here’s what you can expect when attending a vaping expo:


Everyone loves samples. Upon arrival at a CBD expo, you will probably receive a goodie bag that you already paid for via your ticket. The bag will be filled with wide variety of marketing and advertising materials from vendors. You would definitely want to check them out. You want to make sure that you get the most out of your experience. Try a lot of new, different things and see what you like. This will help you make a decision regarding which booths you are going to visit. At a vaping expo, don’t ask for handouts, but definitely accept gifts/products if you find them interesting.

Wear the Right Thing

There will be a lot of walking. You will get your steps in as you bounce from the beverage and food area, to vendors, then to the key areas e.g. main stage. So, it is highly recommended that you think about your footwear when you are getting ready to go. Although a lot of vendors at a CBD expo give out tote bags as a marketing tool, it is highly recommended that you bring your own backpack or bag to hold anything to purchase. You will want your hands free for shaking hands with new people you meet as well as for trying samples. Furthermore, it is also recommended that you bring some cash. Last but not least, it is recommended that you bring portable charger or extra battery for your vape because it will be a long, awesome day.

Be Ready to Learn + Ask Questions

If you have never attended a vaping expo/convention, then your senses will be overwhelmed at your first convention. There are keynote speakers, guests, venue employees, business owners, and sometimes celebrities running around the expo. So, be prepared to take it all in. There is no wrong or right way to make your way around the expo. Ask questions whenever you want! A vaping convention/expo is a great opportunity to access industry experts.

Upcoming Vaping Expos

The list is pretty long when it comes to vaping expos that will be held this year all around the world. Following are some key upcoming vaping expos/conventions:

South America: Vape South America

• Date: May 25-26, 2019
• Location: Medellin, Colombia

Colombia is the perfect destination for a vaping expo because of its vibrant colors, music, and food. This convention is one of the largest in South and Central America.

Europe: The Hall of Vape

• Date: May 31-June 2, 2019
• Location: Stuttgart, Germany

This vaping expo is going to be huge. You should check out the video about this event on the relevant website. It is likely that you will want to immediately buy tickets after watching it.

Europe: Vape Scandinavia

• Date: September 14-15, 2019
• Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the second annual vape expo in Denmark. So, here’s your chance to witness history!

If you have never attended a vape convention or expo, this is your year. The international CBD and vaping CBD oil market is primed and ready to deliver high quality and amazing events that will be remembered forever.